Drilling into Volcanoes

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The worlds hottest well has recently been drilled in Iceland. Working on the EU funded Deepegs project, drillers drilled to a depth of 4.6km into an active volcanic area. The temperature of fluid at the bottom of the well was measured at over 420 degrees Celsius at a pressure of 340 bar. Scientists hope that these downhole conditions can lead to a tenfold increase in power generating capability. Drilling such a well can be risky, and a previous well was abandoned when it struck magma. Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH is a partner in the project.

Iceland has a very strong track record in generating electricity and heat from geothermal energy and produces approximately 50% of its primary energy from geothermal sources. It’s five geothermal power plants ranging in capacity from 60 to 300MW produce approximately a quarter of the country’s electricity.

See the link below for more information on the Deepegs project:

Worlds Hottest Well



Herrenknecht Geothermal Rig