Antares Engineering Services is based in the hills district in northwest Sydney.  We provide a variety of mechanical engineering and project management services to clients in Australia.


Why use our services?

We give our engineers the time and environment to get an indepth understanding of our client’s challenges.  We don’t look for the cheapest or most elaborate solutions.  We look for what is practical and achievable within our client’s time, cost, safety and quality constraints.  Our breadth of experience in a wide variety of applications allows us to see  unique opportunities and possibilities.  Our engineers don’t just show up to work.  They are independent minded and driven to produce creative unique solutions.  As a small, flexible engineering design company we have low overheads and are able to offer our clients exceptional value.



We carried out projects for the mining, offshore, logistics, dredging and drilling industries.  However we do not restrict ourselves to working in those industries.  If a client is operating mechanical equipment in any industry we can help him to source, design and install new equipment or increase the efficiency and safety of existing equipment.  Our depth of experience allows us to apply ideas and concepts from other industries to help our clients with their present challenges.



We have access to top class fabrication and machining workshops locally and work closely with our partners to produce quality work.  We also work closely with other disciplines such as electrical and control systems engineers. This enables us to offer complete turnkey solutions.