We have been involved with the design of a wide range of hydraulic manifolds with operational flow rates of up to 6,000 lpm and pressures of up to 450bar. We can help you to tidy a machine design by incorporating many functions and connections into a single manifold. We can integrate components from a number of different suppliers into your design. Perhaps you want a different flow rate and different functionality than you can get from a standard off the shelf valve bank. A properly designed manifold can greatly improve ease of assembly and maintenance.  It can also minimize oil leakage by reducing the number of hose and pipe connections in a system.  We ensure the proper functional and pressure tests are performed after assembly.  Most importantly we ensure the manifold is properly cleaned, flushed and all connections sealed prior to delivery. We also provide support with the following:


  • Integrated electrical controls.
  • Design of manifold enclosures for harsh operating environments.
  • Suitable materials and coatings.
  • Manifold enclosure temperature control.