We design new, or modify existing mobile equipment, mainly for the mining industry. Equipment we worked on includes mobile boot ends, feeder breakers, inseam drill rigs, roof bolters, shuttle cars and exploration drill rigs.

Our work includes:

–  Preparing concept sketches of new machines, or modifications to existing machines, using AutoCad.

–  Determining machine loadcases.

–  Calculating forces in machine elements such as struts and cylinders for various loadcases.

–  Sizing of various machine elements such as hydraulic actuators, pins, electric motors and transmission components.

–  Performing stability analysis.

–  3d modelling of machine concepts in Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks.

–  Performing FEA analysis on machine structures and components using Nastran.

–  Preparing detailed 3d designs in Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks.

–  Drafting manufacturing drawings for weldments and components.

–  Preparing engineering reports analysing machine performance under different operating scenarios.

–  Preparing engineering reports to document the machine design process.