Hydraulic power provides one of the highest power to volume ratios.  In some instances you can get equivalent power output to electric drives in less than 1/4 of the volume. It can deliver tonnes of force in a very small envelope.  As smaller hydraulic actuators, pumps and valves are being developed new possibilities are opening up.  What was previously impossible because of space restrictions is now becoming possible.  Have you an application which requires a very high energy output, but have little space available?  Do you need a rugged robust solution?  Well maybe micro-hydraulics is your answer.  We can develop complete micro-hydraulic systems tailored to your application.  Some specifics on what we can deliver:


  • Fixed displacement hydraulic pumps from 12mm3.
  • Variable displacement hydraulic pumps from 0-750mm3.
  • Miniature hydraulic cylinders from 13mm in diameter.
  • Operating pressures up to 1000bar.
  • Micro check, relief, shuttle and directional valves.
  • Tailored miniature tanks designed to fit space available.
  • Specially designed manifold blocks with control valves.
  • Accumulators from 13cm3.
  • Miniature bore hosing and tubing.
  • Integrated electric control.