We design new surface and underground fixed plant for mine sites. We also design improvements or modifications to existing plant. Some of the equipment we worked on include ventilation doors, mine water piping, mine process slurry pipework, surface and underground work platforms, civil works, ventilation fans, dam pump pontoons, mine process screens, batch plant silos, winder and shaft equipment.

Our work includes:

–  Onsite survey and measurement using 3d scanners and conventional methods.

–  Preparing 2d & 3d concept proposals using AutoCAD and various 3d software packages.

–  Processing laser scanned data using a number of software packages.

–  Designing access walkways and stairways to AS1657.

–  Preparing head calculations for pipework systems.

–  Calculating pipework system curves and selecting pumps for slurry and water applications.

–  Preparing detailed civil drawings for slab and drainage design.

–  Detailed 3d design and drafting of mechanical equipment.

–  Calculating stress in structural steel welds.

–  FEA analysis of mechanical structures and components.

–  Force analysis of structures and components.

–  Designing components for shaft conveyance systems.

–  Preparing scopes of work for supply and installation of various fixed plant and equipment.

– ┬áPreparing contour plots, cut and fill sections from 3d point cloud data. Integrating 3d point cloud into plant 3d models using various software packages.

–  Preparing P&ID diagrams.