The HPU is the heart of the hydraulic system and it’s most critical part. We have designed HPUs for both mobile and industrial machines with tank sizes from 200 to 10,000 litres, flowrates up to 1000lpm and operating pressures up to 350 bar. We pay close attention to the following:


  • Oil conditioning.
  • Contamination control.
  • Adequate cooling.
  • The quality of the air being breathed.
  • Oil viscosity and additives.
  • Pump inlet conditions.
  • Correct sizing and appropriate location of filters.
  • Ability to easily replace and maintain components.
  • Suitable line sizes.
  • Safety reliefs and emergency stops.
  • Noise levels.
  • Logical and straightforward controls.



We can customize a HPU to your exact requirements including molding tanks to make maximum use of space available, designing integrated hydraulic and electrical controls, and fitting pumps of different control types in series or parallel.  If you have a new challenging project that requires a uniquely designed HPU, get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities.