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The Primary Cause of Hydraulic System Failures

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Research has shown that more than 75% of hydraulic system failures occur from system contamination. Machine builders, equipment maintenance managers and operators must pay close attention to factors which affect the cleanliness level of hydraulic oil in order to minimize … Continued

Have You Been Alerted to Safety Alerts?

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Raising safety awareness saves lives and prevents devastating injuries. One of the most effective ways of raising awareness is by reading and distributing safety alerts. Safety alerts are prepared by government and industrial organizations after a serious incident has occurred. It summarizes the … Continued

Potential Goldmine in Logistics?

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What is LCL, FCL and groupage?  LCL is a logistics term and means “less than container load”.  It is also known as LTL (less than truckload) or groupage.  In a nutshell, if you have a relatively small shipment, by availing … Continued

Safety Measure Kills

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Is it possible that the implementation of safety procedures or safe design features can reduce levels of safety?  Unfortunately the answer is yes.  Recently a tragic example of a worker killed by a widely used safety feature, shows the risk of inadvertently … Continued

3d Printing

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3d printing has been predicted for a number of years to revolutionize manufacturing and our lives.  It’s proponents promised that we would soon be able to buy consumer goods, auto parts, etc., printed in a matter of hours from our … Continued

Developments in Seaweed Harvesting

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Recently a prototype seaweed harvesting machine was tested off the coast of Den Haag, 50km southwest of Amsterdam, by the Noordzee Boerderij (North Sea Farm).  The seaweed was “sown” last Autumn, by seeding synthetic rope.  This rope was placed in … Continued

Drilling into Volcanoes

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The worlds hottest well has recently been drilled in Iceland. Working on the EU funded Deepegs project, drillers drilled to a depth of 4.6km into an active volcanic area. The temperature of fluid at the bottom of the well was … Continued

Lifting Accident Alphen aan den Rijn

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Last year in a town in the west of the Netherlands, two cranes which were lifting a bridge section toppled over and caused extensive damage to nearby homes and businesses. The YouTube video below, which was produced by the Dutch … Continued

Tesla Model S

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Recently I visited my local Tesla car store. There were two Model S cars there on display. Amazingly there was also a stripped down car in the back of the showroom. The body was removed to clearly show the chassis, … Continued