Some of the steps and considerations we take during the design process are:

  • Performing initial calculations and creating 2d drawings, 3d models and basic designs to identify possible solutions.
  • Creating detailed models and performing calculations to check for feasibility and correct functionality.
  • Analyzing the static and dynamic strength of the design using both Ansys and classical methods.
  • Taking the full product life cycle into consideration during the design phase, ensuring suitable service life and ease of maintenance.
  • Ensuring the final design can be easily deployed to the desired location. This may involve a modular containerized design.
  • Selecting appropriate materials, coatings and treatments for the conditions and environments the equipment will be operating under.
  • Designing to specific or appropriate codes and guidelines.
  • Planning the initial manufacture of a prototype locally.
  • Planning production at a suitable location (worldwide), ensuring product quality and manufacturing efficiency.
  • Organizing local suppliers, contractors and service providers to support production.
  • Developing maintenance kits for ongoing service of the product, ensuring minimal downtime.