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Safety Measure Kills

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Is it possible that the implementation of safety procedures or safe design features can reduce levels of safety?  Unfortunately the answer is yes.  Recently a tragic example of a worker killed by a widely used safety feature, shows the risk of inadvertently creating a hazard by trying to eliminate a different one.  Explosion proof equipment is designed […]

Lifting Accident Alphen aan den Rijn

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Last year in a town in the west of the Netherlands, two cranes which were lifting a bridge section toppled over and caused extensive damage to nearby homes and businesses. The YouTube video below, which was produced by the Dutch Safety Board, clearly describes the accident and the reasons why it occurred. If you have […]

Tank Implosion in Canada

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We take atmospheric pressure for granted. It is unbelievable just how powerful a force it can generate over a large enough area. A recent incident in Canada led to a tank implosion when the tank flare line was plugged due to contamination. The following pdf describes the incident:  Tank Implosion. The YouTube clip below also […]

Air in Hydraulic Systems can be Deadly

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Air in hydraulic systems can have very serious consequences.  Drill rig masts and mast raise cylinders have been destroyed due to the fact that a mast raise cylinder was partially filled with air.  Loads have being dropped due to failure of winch motors because of air being entrained into the hydraulic system. A dropped mast […]