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Consequences of Heat in Hydraulic Systems

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An old house is being demolished close to where I live in northwest Sydney. The house was flattened quickly, but the swimming pool took a big longer to be removed. Last week while I was walking by the site, an excavator with a ripper tooth was busy making a final assault on the pool. It […]

The Primary Cause of Hydraulic System Failures

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Research has shown that more than 75% of hydraulic system failures occur from system contamination. Machine builders, equipment maintenance managers and operators must pay close attention to factors which affect the cleanliness level of hydraulic oil in order to minimize lifetime costs. However, even if operators are diligent and have rigorous maintenance procedures in place, […]

Air in Hydraulic Systems can be Deadly

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Air in hydraulic systems can have very serious consequences.  Drill rig masts and mast raise cylinders have been destroyed due to the fact that a mast raise cylinder was partially filled with air.  Loads have being dropped due to failure of winch motors because of air being entrained into the hydraulic system. A dropped mast […]

Costly Repairs due to Faulty Switch

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Recently I came across a medium sized offshore HPU on a ship that was badly damaged through overheating. Apparently the oil temperature reached temperatures of over 150 degrees Celsius. The seals in many hydraulic components are typically not suitable for temperatures much greater than 80 degrees Celsius. The ship owner had to replace the main […]